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Miraclon Opens New Markets for Miller Graphics with KODAK FLEXCEL NX

  • September 09, 2019

Miller Graphics, one of Europe's leading producers of flexographic printing products, has equipped its Beauvais site with a new large-format KODAK FLEXCEL NX device to meet the growing needs of its customers and allow the company to enter new markets.

Perfect mastery of KODAK FLEXCEL NX technology
Miller Graphics' experience with KODAK FLEXCEL NX technology from Miraclon has a long history. The relationship began in 2008 in Great Britain, when the photoengraving business invested in its first Kodak device. This proved so successful that the company extended the process to its factory in Poland and then, in 2012, to its site at Beauvais, France.

The French team benefited from the expertise developed by their colleagues elsewhere in Europe over a number of years. This provided a foundation on which they have subsequently been able to build their knowledge and skills, using proven and advanced KODAK FLEXCEL NX technology combined with unique insight. 

Pascal Monsieur, Director of the Beauvais site, explains: “Our prepress studio in Limoges has been able to develop a new screen technology called MILLER MAGIC SCREEN, or MMS. This is only possible with FLEXCEL NX technology, which allows us to optimise the platemaking process and significantly increase the colour gamut we can achieve. We therefore obtain extremely high quality levels of reproduction. With our experience, this is of real benefit to our customers in high-end markets as it offers an exciting option to other printing technologies.”

The KODAK FLEXCEL NX process differs from those currently on the market by its plate imaging speed of 12m²/hour. Similarly, the unique Digicap software allows Miller Graphics to adapt the surface of each plate to match the specific parameters of different jobs and to optimise the efficiency and precision of ink transfer regardless of the media being used.

Creating new opportunities
The recent acquisition of a new large format CTP machine, installed at the Beauvais site, is enabling Miller Graphics to enter new market sectors, while also providing support to the company’s sites at Limoges and Avignon in France.

Philippe Coulonnier, Business Manager at Miller Graphics comments: "In addition to our traditional KODAK NX markets in flexible packaging and adhesive labels, the new equipment will allow us to produce much larger image options. It opens the door to new markets such as corrugated cardboard, post and preprint, while strengthening our position as a leading supplier to the flexographic sector. The packaging technologists and print partners that we work with are extremely impressed; both by the results we are obtaining in flexography and our commitment to take standards in print quality to ever higher levels."

Pascal Monsieur concludes: "The results we’re delivering for our flexographic customers by using KODAK FLEXCEL NX technology and MMS are enabling us to compete effectively with other printing processes, including offset. With equivalent print quality and a lot more flexibility with shorter set-up times, our process has undeniable cost advantages, not to mention its lower environmental impact."